Most banks and other conventional lenders are usually checking the credit score of a loan applicant before approving the loan, and borrowers with a poor credit score often find that their loan application is declined. So a person with a low credit score, who requires funds in an emergency often finds it difficult to find any lender, though the amount required may not be very big. For example, the person may require the loan to pay some additional unexpected medical, vehicle repair or similar bills, and does not have the necessary funds to pay the bills on time, and is looking for a suitable loan from any borrower.

One of the better options for a borrower with low credit score to get the loan, is the website, which offers payday loans without checking the credit score of the loan applicant. As the risk of default for a loan to a person without a credit check is typically higher, the interest charged for the loans through the no credit check payday site is usually higher than the interest charged by banks and other traditional lenders like financial institutions. However as the loans are for a small amount and will be repaid in a few months, the interest amount is not very large.

For applying for a loan at the , the applicant has to provide some personal details and also specify the reason why the loan is required. The loan amount may vary between 100 GBP and 2000 GBP. Based on the amount required, duration and other details, the loan applicant will receive a loan offer from the many lenders affiliated with the website. The loan applicant then has to approve the loan offer, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the loan and repayment of the loan. Typically after the borrower has agreed to the terms and conditions of the loan, he or she will receive the loan amount in their bank account, within fifteen minutes.